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Current Students
Bryant Avory
Yaowu Liu
Former Students
Strack, Beata

VCU, Multi-column Multi-layer Computational Model of Neocortex, December 9, 2013
Google, New York City, NY

Nguyen, Dat T

VCU, Multiple-Instance and One-Class Rule-based Algorithms, April 17, 2013
BPSOS, Falls Church, Virginia

Lim, Hun Ki

VCU, Computational Modeling of Multisensory Processing Using Network of Spiking Neurons, May 4, 2011
Post-Doc at Johns Hopkins University and at NIH

Shin, Joo Heon

VCU, Topological Properties of a Network of Spiking Neurons in Face Image Recognition , March 24, 2010
Post-Doc at Johns Hopkins University and at NIH


Thaitcharoen, Supphachai

U Colorado Denver , Text Association Mining with Cross-Sentence Inference, Structure-Based Document Model   and Multi-Relational Text Mining , April 9, 2009
Assistant Professor, Mahidol University , Thailand


Nguyen, Cao 

U Colorado Denver , Methods for Prediction of Protein-Protein Interaction Sites and Functions ,

July 23, 2007

Research Assistant Profoessor, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia


Swiercz, Waldemar

U Colorado Boulder , Modeling Spontaneous Bursts in Hippocampus ,   May 4, 2005

Post-Doc at Harvard University


Kurgan, Lukasz 


U Colorado Boulder , " Meta Mining System for Supervised Learning", May 8, 2003

Full Professor, University of Alberta , Edmonton , Canada  


Sacha, Jaroslaw 

U Toledo , New Synthesis of Bayesian Classifiers and Cardiac SPECT Image Interpretation ,December 17, 1999. Proctor and Gamble, Cincinnati , OH


Sala, Dorel



U Toledo , "Spiking Neurons and the Temporal Aspects of Neural Networks , December 16, 1998.

General Motors Technical Center , Warren , MI




 Wedding, Donald


U Toledo , "Improved Accuracy of RBF Neural Networks through the Implementation of Certainty

Factors", May 26, 1995 .

Bank One, Cleveland , OH                             



Arciniegas, Jorge



U Toledo , "Control of a Flexible Robot Manipulator with Neural Networks", April 28, 1994.

General Dynamics, Detroit , MI



 Sztandera, Les



U Toledo , "Fuzzy Sets in Self-Generating Neural Networks", July 26, 1993.

Full Professor, Philadelphia University , PA



Ning, Liu


U Toledo , "Knowledge Acquisition Using Neural and Inductive Learning", February 19, 1992 .

Worked for General Motors Technical Center, now entrepreneur in China



 Shin, In Ho



U Toledo , "A Neural Network Paradigm and Architecture for Image Recognition", December 16, 1991.

Entrepreneur in Korea

Nayeem Quayum: "Extraction of Knowledge from Kinetic Series Micro-array Data via a Knowledge Discovery Process"
Daniel Dvorkin: "The Family of Algorithms for Analysis of Microarray Data", Doctoral student in the Bioinformatics program, UCDHSC, School of Medicine
Ronald Schuyler: "Identification of Ictal and Pre-Ictal States Using Neural Networks with Wavelet-Decomposed EEG Data"
Rao, Rachana: "A Tool for Protein Identification from MALDI- TOF Data"
Nanjuswami, Archana: "Identification of Proteins by Detecting Post-Translational Modifications" Janet Siegel: "Knowledge Discovery in Flow Cytometry Data"
Gibson, Todd: "CLUDAMI: A Model for Measuring Data Migration between Clusters in Different Data Steps", Assistant Professor, California State University, Chico
Yen, Chia-Yu: "Data Mining and Quantitative Analysis of Proteomics"
Jun, Yang: "Applications of the Image Recognition Neural Network (IRNN) Algorithm"
Huang, Wanquing: "Discretization of Continuous Attributes for Inductive Machine Learning", Works for JPL NASA Ames
Shah, Kanu: "A Machine Learning and Fuzzy Logic System for Quantitative Analysis of SPECT Images"
Kasad, Marzban: "A Knowledge Based System for Diagnosing Heart Diseases from SPECT Images"
Langenderfer, Robert: "Control of Constrained Processes Using Neural Networks"
Mayer, Erik: "Genetic Algorithm Approach to Neural Network Optimization"
Tjia, Robert Eugene: "Non Destructive Evaluation of Materials Using Neural Networks"
Balan, Shankar: "The Development and Application of Integrated Expert Systems, Word Processing and Database for Paint and Adhesive Problems"
Moraes, Ian: "Inductive Learning Based on Feature Selection"
Freasier, Raymond: "Representing Uncertainties in an Expert System for Coronary Arterial Stenosis Diagnosis"
Sarieh, Ayman: "An Algorithm for Extracting the Left Ventricular Boundaries from Thallium 201 Scintigrams"
Sunil Kandari: "Bull's Eye SPECT Imaging and Diagnosis"
Lovelace, Jeffrey: "Internet-based Diagnosis of Patients with Coronary Artery Disease"