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CAIM Discretization Algorithm

The CAIM (class-attribute interdependence maximization) algorithm discretizes a continuous feature into a number of intervals. This is done by using class information, without requiring the user to provide this number. For more information see ...(Read more)






CAIM in Java���

CAIM in C#

CAIM in Matlab

CAIM in WEKA�s package



Sample datasets:

Iris data set

Heart data set

Wine data set

Data set format




CLIP4 Algorithm: Hybrid inductive machine learning algorithm that generates inequality rules

The unique feature of the algorithm is generation of rules that involve inequalities. The algorithm works with the data that have large number of examples and attributes, can cope with noisy data, and can use numerical, nominal, continuous, and missing-value attributes. The algorithm�s flexibility and efficiency are shown on several well-known benchmarking data sets, and the results are compared with other machine learning algorithms...(Read more)






Programs:����������� CLIP4 in Java��

Sample datasets:����������� Iris data set

����������������������� ����������� Heart data set��������

����������������������� ����������� Travel data set�����������

����������������������� ����������� Weather data set

����������������������� ����������� Data set format




DataSqueezer: Rule Learner Algorithm

DataSqueezer is an efficient rule builder that generates a set of production rules from labeled input data.It can handle missing data and has log-linear asymptotic complexity with the number of training examples.( Read more)


Programs:DataSqueezer in C#�� ��DataSqueezer in WEKA�s package


Sample datasets:

��������� ��������� Iris data set�������� Heart data set��������

��������� ��������� Travel data set���� Weather data set���

��������� ��������� Data set format






mi-DS: Multiple-Instance Learning Algorithm

mi-DS is a multiple-Instance learning supervised algorithm based on the DataSqueezer algorithm.( Read more)

Programs:mi-DS in C#���� mi-DS in WEKA���� mi-DS data sets




Visualization of Highly-Dimensional Data

Sammon projection, SOM, Molecular Dynamics (Read more)

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urCAIM Discretization Algorithm