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Current Students
Bryant Avory
Yaowu Liu
Former Students
Strack, Beata

VCU, "Multi-column Multi-layer Computational Model of Neocortex", December 9, 2013
Google, NYC

Nguyen, Dat

VCU, "Multiple-Instance and One-Class Rule-based Algorithms", April 17, 2013
Head of Information Systems Department, School of Science and Technology, HoaSen University, Vietnam

Lim, Hun Ki

VCU, "Computational Modeling of Multisensory Processing Using Network of Spiking Neurons", May 4, 2011
Data Scientist, MedDataQuest, San Diego, California

Shin, Joo Heon

VCU, "Topological Properties of a Network of Spiking Neurons in Face Image Recognition", March 24, 2010
Director of RNA Sequencing Core, Lieber Institute for Brain Development, Baltimore


Thaitcharoen, Supphachai

U Colorado Denver , "Text Association Mining with Cross-Sentence Inference, Structure-Based Document Model   and Multi-Relational Text Mining", April 9, 2009
Associate Professor, Mahidol University , Thailand


Nguyen, Cao 

U Colorado Denver , "Methods for Prediction of Protein-Protein Interaction Sites and Functions",

July 23, 2007

Research Associate Profoessor, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia


Swiercz, Waldemar

U Colorado Boulder , "Modeling Spontaneous Bursts in Hippocampus",   May 4, 2005

Research Scientist, Amazon Robotics, North Reading, Massachusetts


Kurgan, Lukasz 


U Colorado Boulder , "Meta Mining System for Supervised Learning", May 8, 2003

Full Professor, Qimonda Endowed Chair, VCU, USA 


Sacha, Jaroslaw

U Toledo , "New Synthesis of Bayesian Classifiers and Cardiac SPECT Image Interpretation", December 17, 1999. Proctor and Gamble, Cincinnati , OH


Sala, Dorel



U Toledo , "Spiking Neurons and the Temporal Aspects of Neural Networks", December 16, 1998.

General Motors Technical Center , Warren , MI




 Wedding, Donald


U Toledo , "Improved Accuracy of RBF Neural Networks through the Implementation of Certainty"

Factors", May 26, 1995 .

Accenture, Cleveland , OH                             



Arciniegas, Jorge



U Toledo , "Control of a Flexible Robot Manipulator with Neural Networks", April 28, 1994.

General Dynamics, Detroit , MI



 Sztandera, Les



U Toledo , "Fuzzy Sets in Self-Generating Neural Networks", July 26, 1993.

Full Professor, Philadelphia University , PA



Ning, Liu


U Toledo , "Knowledge Acquisition Using Neural and Inductive Learning", February 19, 1992 .

Entrepreneur in China



Shin, Inho



U Toledo , "A Neural Network Paradigm and Architecture for Image Recognition", December 16, 1991.

Entrepreneur in Korea

Nayeem Quayum: "Extraction of Knowledge from Kinetic Series Micro-array Data via a Knowledge Discovery Process"
Daniel Dvorkin: "The Family of Algorithms for Analysis of Microarray Data", Doctoral student in the Bioinformatics program, UCDHSC, School of Medicine
Ronald Schuyler: "Identification of Ictal and Pre-Ictal States Using Neural Networks with Wavelet-Decomposed EEG Data"
Rao, Rachana: "A Tool for Protein Identification from MALDI- TOF Data"
Nanjuswami, Archana: "Identification of Proteins by Detecting Post-Translational Modifications" Janet Siegel: "Knowledge Discovery in Flow Cytometry Data"
Gibson, Todd: "CLUDAMI: A Model for Measuring Data Migration between Clusters in Different Data Steps", Assistant Professor, California State University, Chico
Yen, Chia-Yu: "Data Mining and Quantitative Analysis of Proteomics"
Jun, Yang: "Applications of the Image Recognition Neural Network (IRNN) Algorithm"
Huang, Wanquing: "Discretization of Continuous Attributes for Inductive Machine Learning", Works for JPL NASA Ames
Shah, Kanu: "A Machine Learning and Fuzzy Logic System for Quantitative Analysis of SPECT Images"
Kasad, Marzban: "A Knowledge Based System for Diagnosing Heart Diseases from SPECT Images"
Langenderfer, Robert: "Control of Constrained Processes Using Neural Networks"
Mayer, Erik: "Genetic Algorithm Approach to Neural Network Optimization"
Tjia, Robert Eugene: "Non Destructive Evaluation of Materials Using Neural Networks"
Balan, Shankar: "The Development and Application of Integrated Expert Systems, Word Processing and Database for Paint and Adhesive Problems"
Moraes, Ian: "Inductive Learning Based on Feature Selection"
Freasier, Raymond: "Representing Uncertainties in an Expert System for Coronary Arterial Stenosis Diagnosis"
Sarieh, Ayman: "An Algorithm for Extracting the Left Ventricular Boundaries from Thallium 201 Scintigrams"
Sunil Kandari: "Bull's Eye SPECT Imaging and Diagnosis"
Lovelace, Jeffrey: "Internet-based Diagnosis of Patients with Coronary Artery Disease"